Publish a package

Publish a private package for distribution to you customers is almost identical to publishing any package to OnePub.

The exception is that you will want to create a OnePub Team for each customer and associate each package with that customer's OnePub Team.

Follow our standard guide on publishing a package with careful attention to the section on associating a package with a Team.

Additional customers

Over time you will have additional customers purchase a license to your package.

Each time a customer comes on you will need to implement the following steps:

  • create a new OnePub Team for the customer

  • associate each package with the customer's OnePub Team

  • send each of the customers developers an invitation to the newly created team.

Additional Packages

If you developer a new package and want to license it to existing customers then follow our publish a package guide.

As part of the publishing process you can associate the package with each customer's Team or come back at a later stage to associate the package with customers as customers acquire a license.

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