Private dependencies

So you have either published a package to OnePub, one of your colleagues has suggested that you use a package they have published on OnePub or you found a private package whilst searching OnePub.

First, make certain your package is a private package hosted on OnePub.

When you perform a package search in OnePub we show both public and private packages.

Public packages should be added to your pubspec.yaml using the standard dart tooling.

When doing a search, OnePub clearly labels private packages in the search results:

Configure a OnePub dependency

Once you have published a private package to OnePub you are going to want to update your projects to use the package from OnePub.

The simplest way is to use the onepub pub add command.

Use the onepub add command

To add or change a package dependency to get the package from OnePub run:

cd <my project>
onepub pub add [--dev] <package> [version]

Use the --dev switch to add the package as a dev dependency.

Pass the version if you want to control what version to pull, otherwise OnePub selects the latest compatible version. We recommend that in most cases you don't supply the [version].

If the package already exists as a dependency the onepub will simply update the hosted-url to point to OnePub.

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