The user who first registers an Organisation on OnePub is nominated as the owner/administrator.
The owner can invite additional members to their Organisation via the 'Invite' button on the home page.
The free edition only allows one member per Organisation.
Only the original owner can invite other team members.
Only the Team owner can invite members to their team.
Only the Organisation owner can create teams.
Specify multiple Team owners and multiple Publisher owners to manage teams.
You can use a single email address across multiple OnePub Organisations and switch between organisations via the OnePub profile and the onepub CLI tooling.
Once a user has become a member they can publish new packages and add a private package as a dependency to their project (subject to permissions).
The user who first publishes a package is considered the owner of that package.
Any member can publish a package and upload new version to any existing package.
Only a Team leader can publish a package or update a published version.
Designate multiple package owners who can update existing packages.