Registering, becoming administrator and creating a private repository.
In OnePub an Organisation equates to a Repository.
A repository can host any number of packages.
With the Team or Enterprise versions of OnePub, you can break the Repository into Teams with each team controlling a set of packages (packages can also be shared between teams).
As a Member of OnePub, you can belong to multiple Organisations including having a free version for your personal use - conditions apply.
Tip: You can authenticate using your Google, Apple or Github credentials.
Once you have registered with OnePub, you need to install the OnePub command-line tools.

Create a new organisation

As part of the registration process, a new Organisation is created.
To register with OnePub, go to
Once registered you can invite other users to join your Organisation.

Join an existing organisation

If you are looking to join an existing organisation then ask that Organisation's OnePub Administrator or a Team Leader to send you an invite.
When you accept your first invitation OnePub will add you as a member of that Organisation as well creating your private organisation for your personal use.

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