OnePub supports the concept of roles. A role describes the set of actions a user may perform.


Administrators are the super users of OnePub. An Administrator can perform any operation on the system that any other user can as well as some specialised functions only available to an Administrator.

The Member that created the first OnePub account is the only Administrator. They may assign someone else to take over the role of Administrator.

An Administrator cannot create Teams as only a single Default team is supported.

An Administrator may:

  • create a new packages and assign them to a Team.

  • upload new versions of a package

  • Invite people to become OnePub Members

  • create/delete/edit Teams

  • nominate a Member as a Team Leader

  • move packages between Teams

  • cancel, upgrade or downgrade the service

  • Update/view billing details

  • use to search for private packages from any team


An Uploader has the ability to maintain a specific package including:

  • uploading a new version

  • edit any package properties.

An Administrator is also an Uploader.

If an Uploader needs assistance in managing one of their packages they may assign other Members as Uploaders .

Team Leader

A team creates a group of Members that are able to access a group of packages.

The Team Leaders may add and remove Members and packages from their team.

A Team Leader may:

  • add/remove other members to the team.

  • invite people to become OnePub Members and join their team.

  • Associate a package with the Team

  • Disassociate a package from a Team

  • use OnePub to search for private packages from any team


All users of OnePub are Members.

A Member with no other roles:

  • Is a member of the Default Team.

  • may download packages from any team they are a member of.

  • use to search for public packages and private packages from any team


The CI/CD role is a specialised role used to grant access to your CI/CD processes such as a GitHub action.

The CI/CD role has very limited access.

  • may NOT log in to the OnePub Web site.

  • may only perform get and publish operations.

The ability to perform get and publish operations is further restricted.


To publish a package the CI/CD user must be marked as an owner of the package.


To access a package dependency (during a pub get operation) the CI/CD user must be a member of a team that has access to the package.

Don't forget to give the user access to any transitive dependencies.

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