The onepub export command works in concert with the onepub import command to log in to devices where the standard OnePub OAuth mechanism won't work as you don't have access to a browser.

See the CI/CD and SSH section for further details on using the onepub export/import commands in these scenarios.

The OnePub Token should always be managed and stored securely, as any person with access to the Token will have all the permissions of the Member the token is attached to.

To export your own OnePub Token run:

onepub export

To export another user's OnePub Token run:

onepub export --user <user email address>

You must be an Administrator or a Team Leader to export another Member's OnePub

token. An Administrator can export anyone's token. A Team Leader can export the token of any Member of their team.

Export to a file

The above export commands will display the OnePub Token to the console. You can combine the --file option with either of the above commands to output the token to a file. If no file name is provided then we export the token to onepub.token.yaml.

onepub export --file

Alternatively, you can pass the name of the file to export the token to:

onepub export --file token.yaml

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