Distributing to Customers

OnePub can be used as a safe and easy method to distribute licensed packages to your customers.

Customers are given limited 'read only' access which allows them to:

  • to add a dependency to your private package(s) published via OnePub

  • participate in the OnePub discussion threads for your package.

  • view your package's; readme, changelog, install instruction, version history and dependency chart

  • Add 'package watches' to receive a notification whenever you publish a new version of a package.

You can control what packages a Customer has access to by creating Teams and allocating packages/customers to the team. A customer will only see packages from the teams that they are members of.

Your customer will have full access to the package's source code!

The package source will be stored in their .pub-cache folder.

The following guides are provide to help you get setup.

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