Distributing to Customers

OnePub can be used as a safe and easy method to distribute licensed packages to your customers.
Your customer will have full access to the package's source code!
  • Subscribe to either the Team or Enterprise plan
  • Purchase a 'Distribution' license.
  • Create a OnePub Team for each customer
  • Associate each package, the customer has a license for, with the Team.
  • Invite each member of the customer's dev team to join the OnePub team.
To access your private package, the customer's dev team does:
dart pub global activate onepub
onepub login
cd the-customers-app-dir
onepub pub add <your package>
dart/flutter pub get
The customer's team members can also log into the OnePub website, use the OnePub search interface and access your package documentation all through a familiar interface modelled on

OnePub Subscription requirements

OnePub offers a special licensing model for distributing packages to Customers.
You can add a Distribution license to your Plan which provides for a usage based model (as opposed to the normal 'per seat' licenses).
There are a no. of requirements around the Distribution license.
  • users internal to your organisation must have a 'per seat' license (Team or Enterprise).
  • external users must use a company domain email (e.g. [email protected] vs [email protected])
  • external users are restricted to read only access.