• Upgrades are effective immediately.

  • When upgrading to a new plan, the full amount for the selected renewal period is due immediately, minus any remaining balance from the current plan.

  • The renewal period will start from the current date.

  • A payment is taken as part of the upgrade process.

Any change to the plan that results in a higher calculated cost is considered an upgrade.


  • Downgrades take effect at the end of the current billing cycle.

Any change to the plan that results in a lower calculated cost is considered a downgrade.

Manual Payments

  • You may make a manual payment 4 days prior to the expiry of your plan to ensure continuity of your plan.

  • When performing a manual payment you may either use an existing payment method or create a new one.

Automatic Renewal

  • 4 days prior to renewal a reminder email will be sent.

  • Payment will be automatically deducted on the last day of the billing cycle.

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