Visual Studio Code

Providing that you are using at least dart 2.15 then OnePub works with Visual Studio Code out of the box.
The only actions required are to install OnePub and then login:
flutter pub global activate onepub
onepub login
If you are running a Dart version pre 2.12 then follow the pre 2.12 install instructions.

Docker containers

VS Code provides the ability to do your debugging in a local docker container via the command:
Remote-Containers: Open Folder in Container...
As you are operating in a docker container the onepub login command will not work.
Instead you need to use one of the alternate methods documented in our Docker section.
The easiest of these methods is to add mounts to your .devcontainer/devcontainer.json file in your vscode project.
Here are the two mounts you need to add.
"mounts": [
Once mounted you can login OnePub in your host environment and your docker container will also be logged into OnePub.

Install onepub into docker

You will also want to install onepub into the Docker container.
To do this edit the the .devcontainer/Dockerfile and add the following command to the end of the file:
RUN dart pub global activate onepub